How Much to Spend on a Wedding Photographer

How Much to Spend on a Wedding Photographer

Weddings are expensive and one of the bigger costs in your wedding will be hiring a photographer.  Of course you want pictures of the most important day of your life at the same time you have a budget that you have to work with.  If you have no clue how much to spend on a wedding photographer, then let’s look at some rates and services so you have an idea what to budget.

The Rates for a Professional Photographer

Like any other service the more experienced the photographer the more you are going to pay for their services.  An average wedding photographer is going to charge around $1000 and you can expect to pay extras on top of that for prints and whatnot.  Rates will vary by photographer and in bigger cities like New York or Chicago you can expect to pay much more.  There are other factors that can affect your price and they are things like the number of guests or how much time they will be at your wedding.

Comparing Rates

There are a number of photographers who will give you a ball park figure on their websites or over the phone, that will be the first step in finding a photographer for your wedding.  When it comes to comparing costs that there are different packages involved, what may be an initially higher price may work out cheaper in the long run.  Some prices are just a per hour rate and don’t include the prints and photos you are going to want.  Figure out what options you want and then ask for a price with all of your options included.

Cutting the Costs of Your Wedding Photos

If you don’t have a big budget to work with and your faced with the choice of wedding flowers or a photographer there are some things you can do to cut the costs of your wedding photographer.  Get just the basic package, cut back on the prints or decorative albums.

The Contract

Don’t just rely on the photographer’s word about what they are going to deliver, get everything in writing so there are no issues in the future.  Things to include in the agreement are whether a deposit is required, the amount and whether it is refundable if you cancel.  Will you be charged for travel time?  Do you get the proofs as well as the prints?  Outline everything in your contract.

Now you are ready to go out and negotiate with a photographer to get some beautiful photos of one of the most important days of your life.